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Street Sweeping
Program Begins
The Township street sweeping program can begin as early as January of the new year depending on weather conditions.

The initial location to begin the street sweeping program alternates between opposite sides of the township from year to year.

Program Completion
The street sweeping program is usually completed by the beginning of June. If it has been a severe winter and there is a heavy build-up of anti-skid material on the roads, completion of the program could extend into the summer months.

Periodic sweepings are done throughout the rest of the year on as needed basis.

Equipment and Operator
Cranberry Township currently has one street sweeping unit. It runs at a maximum of three miles per hour in the sweeping mode.

At times it is necessary for the operator of the sweeper to make three or four passes over the same area to do a complete and thorough job of removing the debris left from an extreme winter.