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Property Finder makes Township GIS data publicly available
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Property finder is an interactive map used to make Cranberry Township Geographic information System (GIS) data available to the public. Information is displayed in the form of layers which can be turned on and off using the layer drop down menu. Data may be searched in various ways - such as parcel ID number, address, property owner’s name, developments, and streets using specialized tasks. Other viewable data layers include aerial imagery, streets, parcels, developments, and base map layers.

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Map Layers
layer list

basemap gallery
Map layers can be accessed by clicking the Layer List symbol layer list symbol 1  found in the upper right corner of Property Finder.  To turn a layer on or off, check or uncheck it in the drop down menu. Some layers are accessible only at certain zoom levels. Zooming in or out will make them appear or disappear. There are a variety of data layers available, including Developments, Streets, Address Points, Water, Sanitary and Parcels.

In addition to these layers there are two options for the base map. The first is an aerial image of the township and the other is a base map which shows a basic street view and other base layers, which include floodplains, streams, lakes, contours, buildings, and streets.  

Base maps can be changed by using the Basemap Gallery basemap gallery 2 .    

Specialized Map Tasks

The Search feature is open by default in the upper right corner of the screen.

This searches addresses, streets, parcels by ID, parcels by owner, and developments. The search feature can be accessed by clicking on magnify 3.  Enter any of these parameters into the search box to receive search results. Or, select a specific search by using the drop-down next to the search text box.
specialized map tasks
Other tool buttons displayed across the top include: Legend, Draw, Measure, Print, and Streetview.

other buttons along the top
Navigating the Map
navigation toolbar

The navigation toolbar is located on the left side of the screen. The plus and minus signs zoom in, and out, on the map. The home button home button 4 zooms to the original map extent.

The location button  location 5 shows your current location, if you are able to use location services.

A scale bar and coordinates are available in the bottom left corner of the screen. This shows the current map scale of and the coordinates of your curser.  Select the 'get coordinates' tool coordinates tool 6  and click on the map to receive specific location coordinates. Coordinates are in Easting and Northing feet. 

coor in easting and northing feet