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Is my water meter the right size?

A meter is installed in the water service line of your home to accurately measure the water being consumed.  The accuracy of the meter is guaranteed by its manufacturer when it is purchased by Cranberry Township.  Limits on the accuracy are set by standards established for the water industry by the American Water Works Association.  These standards assure the homeowner that all of the water they use will be accurately and fairly measured.  

Situations do arise in which the homeowner questions the accuracy of the water meter.  This may occur when an old, worn out meter is replaced by a new meter, which more accurately measures water consumption.  A leak in the homeowners’ plumbing system, or watering your lawn during the summer months may result in a higher bill.  A household type water meter cannot over-register the water consumption.

Water utilities are well aware of the problems which can occur in their water meters and maintenance plans are scheduled and followed.  Cranberry Township carefully monitors any unusual usage of water.


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