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Water System

Sewer Line Maintenance


Water Line Maintenance

Water Line Maintenance

Cranberry Township owns and operates the public water supply system serving the Township. Water is obtained from West View Water Authority through two interconnections, one being gravity only which supplies 5% of the water and the other being a combination of gravity and pumping which can supply up to 3.2 MGD. Water storage is provided by three elevated water storage tanks with a capacity of 5 million gallons. Water is distributed throughout the Township by 165 miles of pipe which services approximately 9,500 customers along with fire protection.

The system is monitored 24/7 by SCADA, a computerized system that monitors, controls and logs all human interface system activities. Standard operating procedures, emergency response, a drought contingency plan and a vulnerability study have all been developed to handle these specific considerations. Leak Detection, regular flushing, and emergency repair of the system is performed by Public Works employees of Cranberry Township who are on alert 365 days a year.

Our Customer Service staff respond to customer comments, complete service requests, and issue work orders for service records. All maintenance performed for an asset is recorded in an asset management program which conducts trend analysis and maximizes the efficiency of the operation.  

Customer Resources

Service Options. Weekday and Saturday appointments are available.

Save money on your water bill.
  A Deduct Meter enables customers to realize a savings for water that does not enter the sanitary sewage system. Examples of water that does not enter the system: lawn sprinkler systems, swimming pools, washing vehicles. Deduct meters can be used by residential and business customers. The savings appears on the sewage portion of the monthly Sewer & Water bill.

Bill Payment Options. Both billing and customer service are handled by the Township, using a monthly billing cycle where one half of the water customers meters are read and one half are estimated; and delinquent accounts are issued shut-off notices. The following month, customers who had their meters read will be estimated, while estimated meters will be read. Payment Options 

Public and Private Improvement Policy (PPIC) and Sewer and Water Rules and Regulations in Chapter 17  Cranberry Twp eCode 360 database

Water Distribution System Leak Detection Survey

Beginning Monday, May 9, Field Operations personnel will be working with a sub-contractor to conduct the first of two water distribution system leak detection surveys scheduled for 2016. In general, the work will be conducted on weekdays between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm, with minimal late night and early weekend hours due to noise interference and/or traffic.
The survey crew will listen for leaks on all fire hydrants, some main line and service line valves using an acoustic listening device. They will listen for sounds of a water leak, such as water gurgling or water spraying. If a leak sound is heard, the crew will correlate the leak sound (narrow down the area) and pinpoint the leak.

Leaks may be discovered on fire hydrants, water main lines or valves, private service lines or valves and sometimes from internal plumbing fixtures. In the event a leak sound is detected on a private line the crew may ask for assistance from the property owner to verify the leak. This may entail access onto private property or access to the water meter inside the structure. Both Cranberry Township personnel and sub-contractor personnel will carry an approved Township-issued photo ID badge at all times.

As stated above, the survey crew may venture onto private property to detect a leak or require access into your home or business. If you do not wish to grant access at that time, please contact Cranberry Township at 724 776-4806 to schedule an appointment.

Twenty two leaks were detected during last year’s leak detection surveys, six of which were private property service line leaks.