Proposed Developments Under Review

Description of Plan - Map of Developments Under Review (by number)

Location & Description

1 Village of Cranberry Woods Phase 2A
PR #21197
Consider a proposed Revised Preliminary Land Development application to revise a proposed Community Character Development-2 and Large Land Development adding an Authorized Use for a Continuing Care/Personal Care Facility to be located at 3020 Fairport Lane in Phase 2 of the Village of Cranberry Woods Development on 57.11 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district. 

​VC Woods Associates, LP
2 Village of Cranberry Woods Phase 2B
PR #21198
Consider a Revised Final Land Development application for a 14,756 square foot Office and Small Retail building to be located at 3005 Fairport Lane in Phase 2 of the Village of Cranberry Woods Development on 7.58 acres in the CCD-2 zoning district.

Longtree Way Associates 
3 Cranberry Square Annex
PR #21181
​Consider a Revised Preliminary and Final Land Development application for the addition of a 3,850 square foot building for Retail/Neighborhood Shopping Center use to be located at 20269 Route 19 within the Cranberry Square Annex on 3.5 acres in the C-3 zoning district. 

​Manor Development Group II
4 Cranberry Springs 1-D-2
​PR #

​Consider a Final Land Development application for one phase, two buildings to include 4,000 square foot Restaurant and 10,200 square foot Retail uses within the Cranberry Springs Development located at 2075 and 2085 Mackenzie Way in the C-3 zoning district. 

​Sippel Enterprises, LP
5 Breckenridge ​
​PR #21072
​​Consider a Preliminary Land Development application for seventy-five (75) townhouse units to be located along Freedom Road on 13.2 acres in the CCD Freedom B Overlay zoning district.    

​Freedom Road Associates, LLC 

6 Doyle Property
​ PR #20642

​​​Consider a Preliminary Land Development application for a 91,800 square foot Neighborhood Shopping Center consisting of 81,000 square feet of Retail, 8,000 square feet of Restaurant and 2,800 square feet for a Financial Institution with drive-thru facility on 16.5 acres at the intersection of Route 19 and Dutilh Road in the SU-1 zoning district.   ​ ​ ​ ​

​David Smail  ​
7 Park Volunteer Fire Station Addition
​​PR #21179

​Consider a Preliminary and Final Land Development application for a 3 story, 3,500 square foot addition to an existing Municipal Building (zoning classification) to be located at 20727 Route 19, Suite 21 on 7.4 acres in the TLI zoning district. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Cranberry Township