Rules for CTPA

The Pickleball

CTPA will not supply outdoor balls, but indoor balls will be provided when playing indoors.
All players must bring their own outdoor pickleball to play. We expect EVERY player to have a pickleball with them.

When starting a new game, the team closest to the entrance gate will be responsible for supplying the pickleball for that game. One of the members of the winning team who is closest to the entrance gate is responsible for supplying a pickleball for the next game.  We understand outdoor pickleballs now come in different hardness and colors.  While other members can offer alternative balls to use, the court rule is that the team member who won and is nearest to the entrance gate will supply the pickleball of their choice for that game. The person who wins the next game and selects to be closest to the entrance gate will supply the next ball for the next game.

A single pickleball will be available for purchase when the office at the court is open. All members are expected to have an outdoor pickleball for use.

Starting serves

  • The team furthest of the entrance gate will serve first.
Queuing to play 
  • We will not queue to play the next game of pickleball with paddles.  
In open play, we will be playing winning team stays on and split, and two new people will enter the court to join the two winners.   Queuing will be via membership card.  Cards will hand on the queuing station with one card on one hook.  Once there are more than 50% people queuing, we will go to four off and four on format. To explain further, let’s say there are three courts being used in open play for a 3.0 players.  That is 12 people who can play on the three courts. Once there are 7 people waiting in the clue station for those courts, then the format will go to 4 on/4 off.  Once it gets over 100% (or 13 players) queuing, then it is 4 on/4 off and game to 9.  Once it is reduced to 12 people queuing it will be a game to 11 points and once it gets down to 6 people queuing we will go back to the winning team stays on and split.

Your CTPA membership card will have a hole to hang on the hooks, to determine who plays next.

Hang your card with your name and photo positioned out, so when you are up, someone will call your name if you are not near.

This is also an excellent way for everyone to verify:

  • Who is up next (as their name will be on the card)
  • That you are a CTPA member
  • That you are playing at the correct level for those courts.
  • That your membership has not expired
You will be expected to show your card during the start of the session. The first four players who arrive will start the process and will hang their card on the court hooks. If there is one person waiting to play and the first game finishes, one person from the losing team must exit and they can then hang their membership card to play next. (if neither of losing team member wants to voluntarily leave, then they can do a quick best out of three, even-odds with their fingers to decide who is staying). If two are waiting to play, then both members of the losing team must exit and hang their membership card at the clue station to play again.  
If four people are playing, and four people arrive, and there is an available court for their level, they can start a game on the second court.

The next two people who are queuing will then play the winners of either court that finishes up first between the two teams. The next player on the que will go to the side closest to the gate, the second person will go to the other side.   

Keep your CTPA Membership card with your pickleball paddle
You must have both to play

  • There is a $20 fee to replace a lost card.
  • There is a 2-year penalty for a member who loans their card to a non-member.

There will be a place at the dividing fence between two courts where members who are playing on the courts will hang their membership cards while playing.  

Those who purchase a guest pass will hang their guest pass on the hooks instead of a membership card.  Before queuing the guest must first present to the players/Ambassador a valid and non-punctured guest card.  Guest passes are dated and by punching a hole in it with the hook will then invalidate it for future use. Guest passes waiting on the hook must have the correct date to be allowed to be use that day. 

What happens if there are four of us but all of different ratings, or there is not enough players of my level to start a game?   If you are a 4.0 player, and there is a 3.5, a 3.0 and 2,5 player, the four of you do not need to wait until another three people of your level arrive.   Instead the four of you can start a game on the 2.5 level court.   A higher level person can always play on a lower level court.  A lower level player can NEVER play on a higher level court.   So if you were a 3.5 and no other 3.5 players are at the court and there is a game going on at the 2.5 court, you can queue to play next player on the 2.5 court, until there is enough 3.5 players to start a game on the 3.5 court.

What if we are three 4.0 players and there is one 3.5 player waiting, can we invite him over to play on the 4.0 court?    No.   The only way the four of these player can play is if the three 4.0 players go to the 3.5 level court.   

We ask all CTPA members to be involved to assure only those who are playing are valid members and are playing on the correct courts. Do not ask a lower level player to play on a higher court.