Rating Procedures

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What is a Rating and why do I need it? 

Player ratings are used to group players by ability levels so that they can compete in organized play and participate in clinics with other players of similar ability. (Examples: CTPA league play, skill level competitions, skills development clinics).

This will never be a perfect system, but being rated should improve most players’ chances of having more competitive, enjoyable, and safer playing experiences. 

When registering for a Competitive Membership, you will have the opportunity to let us know your rating based on these three methods.

Rating Types

1. USAPA Rating  This is a tournament rating assigned to the player by the USAPA (USA Pickleball Association) after playing in sanctioned competitions . It is not a self-rating or a CTPA rating that a player has reported to the USAPA. If you have an official USAPA rating, it will be used as your CTPA rating. 

2. Tournament Rating  A tournament/self rating is a verifiable rating that a player has claimed for purposes of competing in two or more USAPA sanctioned tournaments in the preceding 12 months. A player may not change this rating simply by registering for a future tournament in a rating classification. 

3. Self-Rating This is a member’s critical self-evaluation based on the player’s own assessment of his or her skills compared to the Skill Level Definitions published by the USAPA and modified for CTPA use. The IFP rating descriptions may help you to determine your own self-rating and, when registering, complete your online form.   IFP Rating Descriptions  

  • Your membership card WILL NOT have a rating on it. This will occur once the Rating Committee approves your rating level, then a rating level will be applied on your card. The Rating Committee should contact you within 3 days of registration to either apply your rating or have you attend a Rating Clinic to verify your rating.
  • After submitting your form to the ratings committee and receiving approval you will receive a CTPA Rating. Your rating will not be printed on your card. The Ratings Committee will stamp your card after you attend a Ratings Clinic.
  • If a player has established play in local competitive events, such as leagues, tournaments, and shootouts, CTPA may use the competitive results as a basis for association ratings. Non-established players wishing competitive offerings will be asked to attend a Rating Clinic (TBA). 
  • Any player, as they progress in skills through competition, may request a rating evaluation session (once in three months) for any rating changes. The committee may also lower a rating if a player is not performing at their rated level.  Becoming  a CTPA member you fully agree that the rating committee has full authority to adjust anyone’s rating up or down at any time.   There will be an appeal process for those who disagree with their rating.  
  • If you are not signing up for a membership online, you must print and complete the Rating Application Form and bring it to the Parks & Recreation Customer Service Desk with your payment. CTPA Rating Application   Once you register for membership online and pay, you may visit the Parks & Recreation Customer Service desk to pick up your membership card. Bring your driver's license for verification purposes.