Recycling the good times

good times rz.jpgBackyard bashes, graduation gatherings, championship celebrations, street fairs, holiday blowouts, block parties, reunion revelry... 

Now it's easier than ever to recycle all the beverage cans, bottles and plastic containers your guests can generate. 

Cranberry Township will lend - free of charge - a recycling rack with bags for recyclables and another rack for the party trash.

Here's how the program works 

  • There is no cost or deposit required, but you must present a driver’s license as proof of residency, at the time of pick-up.
  • Pick up the recycling racks from the Customer Service Center.
  • Racks must be returned within 3 days after your event to the Customer Service Center or, if returned after-hours, to the designated location (be rear automatic sliding doors at Municipal Center - please call 724-776-4806, ext. 5 and leave a message that the racks were returned).
  • Trash (waste) disposal is your responsibility. Trash (waste) items should be placed in the black bags furnished with the racks. Bags that do not fit into your trash bin will require a 65 cent extra-bag-Collection Connection tags, and may be placed curb-side on your regular collection day. Bag-tags may be purchased through Customer Service.
  • Recycling items should be put into the clear ‘recycling’ bags furnished by the Township, and placed curb-side with your trash/recycling bins on your regular collection day.
  • Township residents who are not Collection Connection customers are responsible for recycling and trash disposal.

We suggest one set of recycling racks for every 50 people 

A set consists of: (1) trash rack; (1) recycling rack; plus 2 bags for each racktwocarts resz.jpg