What can be recycled in Cranberry?

What can be recycled in Cranberry

Easy Disposal Guide
Easy Disposal Guide

Easy Disposal Guide

Too Toxic for Trash: TV's, Electronics, & Household Hazardous Waste

Yard Waste
is collected from spring until late fall. What is and isn't acceptable yard waste. Yard Waste

Cardboard Compactor behind the Municipal Center is for residential use. Cardboard Compactor
  • No Styrofoam or packing 'peanuts' (place these items in your GRAY-TOP trash cart)
  • No garbage
  • If the compactor is full, do not leave boxes outside. A camera monitors the compactor's use.

  • Items that do not qualify for residential recycling, including TVs and electronics Options for Local Recycling

    Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners. Appliances (with and without freon)

    Special Programs

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    Students at Haine Middle School are wild about water! Their class research focused on water conservation, has become an award-winning project. Now they conduct rain barrel classes in partnership with the Township. Rain Barrel program

    Backyard Composting

    What is composting? Grass clippings, food scraps, leaves...using the natural process of decay to change organic wastes into a valuable humus-like material called compost. The Township and the Butler County Master Gardeners team up to host a composting class. Read their presentation and watch our Collection Connection e-news for future class dates.

    Special Collections

    Cranberry Collection events
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    Battery Giant partners with Cell Phones for Soldiers
    10 St. Francis Way
    Ph: 724-741-6200.

    Recycle the Good Times!

    party recycling cartRecycle the cans, bottles and
    plastic containers from your next party.

    There's no charge to borrow the racks and bags for recyclables and party trash. Rack request

    Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

    Many chemical products found in the home and garden contain hazardous ingredients are harmful to the environment.

    Dispose of Televisions, other electronics, and chemicals

    ECS&R by appointment

    129 Ash Stop Road, Evans City, PA 16033
    Ph: 1-866-815-0016
    Learn more about household hazardous waste