Dispose of appliances containing refrigerant

Special note on *Freon™ removal - Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers contain Freon™. A licensed technician must remove the Freonor other refrigerant before the item can be disposed. A visible certification tag must be on the item confirming the Freon™ has been removed. Contact your own heating/air-conditioning technician or call 1-888-463-7366 for help.

Freon™ has not been removed

  • Jurassic Junk Removal  will pick up Freon™ appliances for a fee. Call: 877-595-5865
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK, will pick up Freon™ appliances for a fee
  • Appliance Warehouse Disposal, will not pick up in Butler County. You must take the appliance to their site in the South Side at 523 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. Call: 888-463-7366.
  • Twice-Loved Appliances, Butler. Depending on the age of the appliance, they may accept Freon™ appliances for repair or parts. Call: 724-285-7712
  • Soose Auto Wrecking in Butler, accepts Freon™ appliances. Call: 724-283-8300
  • ECS&R  in Evans City will accept dorm-sized Freon™ appliances for a fee. Call: 1-866-815-0016

Freon™  has been removed, and you have a certification tag

Collection Connection customers may purchase a $10 tag for refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, stoves, water heaters, trash compactors, and other items of similar weight and construction. For information on purchasing a pick-up tag, 
Collection Tag Purchase 

Do you have a working refrigerator or freezer?

firstenergycorp.com or Call 1-888-277-0527 for their Appliance Turn-In Program Guidelines.

* Freon™ is a product of The Chemours Company.